Friday, June 30, 2006

BroSpotting Resource

This blog/site is one I found while perusing the internet. It's an extensive resource for identifying Bro's and their ilk.

"...we all know a bro when we see one. But bros don't seem to recognize themself. It may be that they have bro-blindness, akin to the inability to look up one's own nostrils without the aid of a mirror."

Definately worth a read! Categories range from Bro's music of choice, Bro's vehicles of choice, Bro's habits, Bro's idols, Bro's vernacular, etc. While some are more spot on than others, the list provides great insight into the Bro-ness of this sub-culture. It seems to fuzzily cover Bro's in a rather broad sense, touching on the Classic Bro, the Redneck Bro, the Jersey Bro, the California Bro, the RocknRoll Bro, the Frat Bro, the Sports Bro, and others. But effective nonetheless. The only thing I didn't notice was a mention of the ultimate 'popped collar', the most infamous staple in Bro fashion. Also, I thought it a bit humorous that someone commented that 'almost all Australians fit this description' (not verbatim). Click Below!

Fear and Loathing of the Bro Culture In America


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